Denzelvevo, Executive Director of TAZR Entertainment, made his debut in 2017 as a ‘digital instrumentalist’; a term which was coined by him after his release of ‘The Rocket Project’. While producing hip-hop and pop-like beats which came to life in Digitally Inclined 1 and 2, he tried his hand at rapping and deejaying which immediately gained positive responses from his colleagues. This sparked the creation of Parental Advisory: Lyrical Content.

His songwriting skills were flaunted and just like that, another talent of his was discovered. He released VYB in January 2019 with more positive reviews from listeners. The track is to be a part of a project called ‘Colorblind’ to be released sometime in 2019.

In February 2019, TAZR Entertainment was formed with spearheads Devonté Loney (Vonté A. Loney), Kiefer Telfer (Swaye Teno) and Denzel Washington ‘Denzelvevo’ himself. Denzel coined TAZR to be a group that took music as serious as life itself.

Denzelvevo also designs web pages, edits audio and video, creates graphic pieces, designs logos... you get the idea.

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